America reveals details of a Yemeni attack on the Israeli occupation, and Britain confirms its success

On Monday, The US confirmed that Yemen launched a wide-scale attack against the Israeli occupation.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The US Central Command issued a new statement, talking about the attempt by American and European fleets in the Red Sea to intercept attacks by missiles and drones heading towards the occupied cities in Palestine.

The statement claimed to have intercepted a ballistic missile and eight drones without specifying the quantity of the attack.

On its part, the British Navy confirmed the success of the Yemeni attack against the occupation. The British maritime security company, Ambrey, reported that Israeli battleships, led by “Sa’ar-6,” participated for the first time in an attempt to intercept an aerial attack coming from the Red Sea and Yemen.

The company indicated that it monitored a significant jamming movement during the attack, confirming the success of the Yemeni forces in causing damage and penetrating the occupation’s air defense systems.

The British company’s statement came after Israeli reports of explosions in the city of Eilat, located on the Red Sea, as a result of an aerial attack from Yemen.

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