British statistics confirm the halt of the movement of ships associated with Israel through the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait

Britain has confirmed on Thursday the success of Yemen in imposing a ban on Israeli ships and those associated with them.

This comes as the first acknowledgment of its kind since Britain joined the US alliance to protect Israel in January.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The British National Blockade Office, known as “ONS,” reported that ship movements through the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait have declined by about 59%, indicating Yemen’s success in preventing the passage of Western and Israeli ships.

The office pointed out that ship entry and exit through the Suez Canal decreased by 66% in the first week of April compared to the same period last year.

The office clarified in its statement that it relied in its report on the technological analysis of ship movement data in the region, considering this decline a result of what it described as disturbances in the Red Sea, referring to Yemeni operations against Israeli navigation, which developed into the ban on British – American – Western navigation as the latter attempted to break the Yemeni ban on Israeli occupation.

These statistics, which come after about four months of the United States and Britain launching a military operation in Yemen under the name “Protecting Ships,” and about two months after the European Union reinforcing a new fleet, confirm the failure of these alliances to dissuade Yemen even from its decision to show solidarity with Gaza.

They also confirm Yemen’s ability to inflict significant damages on the Israeli occupation and its Western allies.

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