Damage prevents the return of US aircraft carrier to the Red Sea

The US revealed on Tuesday the status of the aircraft carrier “Eisenhower,” coinciding with reports of its recall again to the Red Sea.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

American media sources reported that the “Eisenhower” is currently undergoing maintenance, confirming that it suffered significant damage during clashes with what they described as the “Houthis” in the Red Sea.

The disclosure of the most important fleet’s status comes on the eve of reports about the decision of the US Central Command to recall it again, amid anticipation of a major Yemeni escalation in the region.

The US had withdrawn the “Eisenhower” a few days ago from the southern Red Sea.

The US battleship engaged in the fiercest confrontations during its presence in the Red Sea and was subjected to dozens of aerial attacks, according to media reports and admissions by US officials.

It is expected that the aircraft carrier will return to the Red Sea after completing its repairs, according to the sources.

Withdrawing the “Eisenhower” and returning it within a short period indicates that the withdrawal operation was for maintenance purposes.

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