Intense American attempts to return to Yemen

On Thursday, the US initiated new attempts to return to the forefront of the scene in Yemen. This coincides with a regional movement to crystallize the phase after the American withdrawal from the region amid concerns about losing its historical influence in the area.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The US Central Command issued a new statement regarding developments in the Red Sea. The statement only mentioned the targeting of a radar site in areas described as “Al-Houthis” without specifying its location or the nature of the attack, given the absence of its battleships from the Red Sea.

In terms of timing, the statement can be seen as an attempt to remain in the Yemeni scene, especially as it coincides with Saudi Chinese efforts to conclude an agreement in Yemen for managing the post-American fleet withdrawal phase from the Red Sea.

The statement comes after a five-day hiatus in American updates regarding developments in the Red Sea, despite the pace of daily operations by the Yemeni forces.

Earlier this week, the US confirmed its decision to withdraw the aircraft carrier fleet “Eisenhower” from the Red Sea following a series of Yemeni attacks.

“Eisenhower” is the only American fleet stationed in the Red Sea since last October, and it has failed to halt Yemeni operations against Israeli navigation.

Washington’s decision to withdraw its naval fleet after it detonated the situation in the most important shipping lanes raised concerns among its allies in the region, particularly Saudi Arabia, for which the lane is the most important outlet for its oil exports.

Earlier this week, Saudi Defense Minister Khalid bin Salman arrived in China amid reports of a new offer by the “Al-Houthis” aimed at securing the Red Sea and moving towards a comprehensive peace agreement in Yemen that grants privileges to the movement.

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