Reinforcing American alliance defenses in the Indian Ocean after Yemen’s decision to expand the scope of confrontation

Today, the US has begun reinforcing its military alliance defenses to protect Israel in the Indian Ocean, coinciding with Yemen’s decision to shift operations there.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Diplomatic sources have reported American pressure on India to establish an advanced military base on the Yemeni island of Socotra. They indicated that negotiations are currently taking place between the Americans, Indians, and Emiratis.

The new Indian base may not make a significant difference considering the presence of foreign military bases on the island, including American, British, Israeli, and Western bases. However, the timing of India’s move in this maritime region could escalate tensions internationally, as it is part of the geopolitical conflict with China over controlling the shipping lanes in the area.

Through the Indian base, America aims to protect the shipping line adopted by President Joe Biden at the recent G20 summit in India, which connects India to Europe through Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE, passing through Israel.

A significant portion of the shipping line has already been inaugurated, especially the maritime corridor between the UAE and Israel, passing through Saudi Arabia and Jordan, which aims to break the Yemeni blockade in the Red Sea.

India’s prompting to the forefront of the scene comes with Yemen’s decision to expand operations to the Indian Ocean, which could put Israel’s allies in a new predicament, especially as shifting operations to this route will not eliminate the last supply to the occupation across the Mediterranean but may even cut off the most important Gulf artery by land, known as the maritime line, which starts from the UAE.

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