Sana’a forces carry out a new maneuver, simulating control over the sites of the entity in the Negev Desert

On Saturday, one of the Sana’a forces executed a “qualitative” military maneuver, simulating storming the “Israeli” enemy positions in the Negev Desert and controlling settlements.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yamani:

According to official media in Sana’a, units from the reserve of the Sixth Military Zone carried out a qualitative military maneuver named “For Jerusalem, Our Endeavor” as part of the “Promised Conquest and Holy Jihad” battle.

It was stated that the maneuver simulated storming the Israeli enemy positions in the Negev Desert and the control of settlements such as Dimona, as well as virtual enemy command centers and camps.

The maneuver also simulated “American and British supply to the Zionist enemy,” and the Mujahideen set up ambushes to target the Zionist enemy’s reinforcements in the Negev Desert.

Various military units and divisions participated in the maneuver, including drones, heavy weapons, and medium weapons, from the reserve forces of the Sixth Military Zone.

Sana’a forces have previously conducted several similar maneuvers simulating direct confrontation with the Israeli occupation forces, which greatly concerns the Israeli occupation entity, as evident by the intense focus of its media outlets on these maneuvers.

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