By the numbers: a recent statistic reveals the scale of the Saudi coalition’s achievements in Yemen

On Monday, the Eye of Humanity Center for Rights and Development released a report revealing the statistics of the crimes of the Saudi-Emirati coalition during nine years of war in Yemen, noting that the total number of civilian martyrs and wounded during this period reached 50,025, including 18,381 martyrs and 31,644 injured.

Sana’a -Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The center clarified in its report that “the total number of martyrs and wounded children during nine years of war amounted to 4,123 martyrs and 4,992 injured, while the number of martyrs and wounded among men reached 11,772 martyrs and 23,595 injured, while the number of women martyrs and wounded among women reached 2,486 martyrs and 3,057 injured.

Regarding material losses, the center mentioned that the Saudi-Emirati coalition targeted 15 airports, 16 seaports, 354 stations and power generators, 647 networks and communication stations, 3,332 tanks and water stations, 2,155 government facilities, and 7,940 roads and bridges.

It also pointed out that the coalition directly targeted 417 factories, 397 fuel tankers, 12,534 commercial facilities, 484 poultry and livestock farms, 10,801 means of transportation, 493 fishing boats, 1,043 food stores, 434 fuel stations, 712 markets, and 1,162 food trucks.

During nine years of war on Yemen, the Saudi-Emirati coalition targeted 613,992 houses, 186 university facilities, 1,843 mosques, 393 tourist facilities, 427 hospitals and healthcare facilities, 1,331 schools and educational facilities, 12,775 agricultural fields, 146 sports facilities, 269 archaeological sites, and 63 media establishments.

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