From the grains of Aden to the Red Sea disaster… America is covering up by humanity to cover up its failure in Yemen

With the start of the second month of American-British aggression on Yemen, the US has launched a new propaganda campaign against the country, which has been facing war and siege since 2015. What are the dimensions of this new campaign?

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

On January 11th, America and Britain began a wide-scale attack on Yemen after weeks of threats to escalate, sometimes through the formation of the “Prosperity Guardian” alliance and sometimes through the “Deterrence” alliance. Until today, America and Britain have launched hundreds of airstrikes on Yemeni cities, from the far north to the center, passing through the west and south.

All of these steps, carried out in parallel with the economic, diplomatic, and political war, have reached the point of suspending peace negotiations between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, failed to achieve the American agenda of stopping the Yemeni operations, which initially focused on Israeli ships and those associated with them, including those heading to its ports.

After about a month of airstrikes, for which America provided, according to a statement by Central Command, about 27 aircraft, 19 battleships, and two submarines, in addition to the aircraft carrier Eisenhower, America and Britain found themselves facing a new reality that Sana’a began to shape in accordance with its orientation based on supporting Gaza.

This situation began with the targeting of commercial ships and extended to military battleships, and its attacks were not limited to naval missiles and drones but expanded with the decision of the Yemeni forces to send in drone submarines and military boats. This is part of an escalation strategy pursued by Sana’a, which emerged in recent days through expanding the confrontation in terms of scope and type, as stated by Ansar Allah the (Al-Houthis) movement’s leader.

America is no longer able to mislead about the success of its operations in stopping the Yemeni attacks in the Red and Arabian Seas and the Gulf of Aden. The world has become daily witnesses to the largest and most violent and destructive attacks, as the US Central Command is trying to contain the situation with statements that attempts to reduce the scale of what has been intercepted, as it claims.

It is no longer able, as confirmed by officials in the Biden administration to CNN, to continue the raids and missile bombardments that cost a high price, and it is considering, according to the channel, several alternative options, the most prominent of which is inciting Yemenis against those they describe as “the Houthis.” The US administration launched its incitement effort early on by spreading a number of allegations, the most well-known of which is that a grain ship in the Gulf of Aden was targeted; it was later discovered that the cargo was animal feed bound for the port of Aden.

However, the Biden administration did not stop at this lie, which was exposed in the blink of an eye. Rather, it moved to expand new allegations about an environmental catastrophe in the Red Sea due to the sinking of a British ship by the “Houthis,” which was later revealed to still be afloat and approaching the coast of Hanish Island.

There are many types of American propaganda, and the goal, as officials in the Biden administration say, is to incite Yemenis. However, these allegations are quickly dispelled by images from America’s allies and satellite imagery produced by America itself to assist in promoting its allegations. The ship appeared sailing towards the Yemeni coast, while the images show only the destruction of the engine.

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