New US-Saudi maneuvers on the border amid escalating concerns about Yemen’s fourth phase

Panic descended on Gulf capitals on Saturday as the fourth phase of Yemeni escalation against the Israeli occupation and its allies approached.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The US and Saudi forces conducted joint maneuvers for the first time in years.

The slogan “Shield of Prevention” was given to the maneuver that was carried out by the Eastern Region Command in Dhahran Al-Janoub, in which the US Central Command participated in the presence of a number of its forces.

During the exercises, the extent of readiness in the field of weapons of mass destruction was tested, as reported by the Saudi Ministry of Defense’s website.

This marks the first time such exercises have been carried out.

It is unclear whether the maneuvers are part of the announced security agreement between Riyadh and Washington or simply a regular maneuver. However, their timing coincides with a Saudi intelligence campaign that reflects concerns about a possible Yemeni attack, indicating Saudi Arabia’s concern about being targeted by the fire of the fourth phase of the Yemeni operations.

The Saudi campaign included hints of a major attack on Yemen if Saudi Arabia comes under attack.

Saudi Arabia fears that its recent rapprochement with the US and its pursuit of normalization will lead to the collapse of the truce in Yemen, which has allowed Saudi Arabia to catch its breath in recent years after nearly drowning in the quagmire of the war on Yemen.

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