INSAN organization condemns mercenary crimes in occupied areas

Follow ups – Al-Masirah Net:

The recent episode involving the disappearance of two MSF staffers in Marib province is one that has drawn the ire of the INSAN Rights and Freedoms Organization. These crimes are occurring in occupied territories that are under the control of Saudi American aggression mercenaries.

The INSAN Organization said in a statement released on Tuesday, “We have followed the reports by MSF International regarding the loss of contact with two of its employees in Marib Governorate, which is under the control of the government of Ma’een Abdulmalik and the authority of the ‘Islah Party’.”

The statement indicated that the continuation of such crimes in the areas under the so-called “legitimacy” and the resulting support and reorganization of terrorist elements serve as a strong impetus for these organizations to persist in committing these criminal acts.

The statement expressed astonishment at the lack of international community, UN, and Security Council stances towards these criminal acts against humanitarian workers.

Yesterday, MSF announced the disappearance of two of its employees working in the province of Marib, which is under the control of the mercenaries of the aggression.

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