Sana’a renews its warning and asserts that the American presence in the Red Sea poses a threat to the world’s most important shipping lane

Exclusive/Al-Masirah Net:

Sana’a has renewed its warning on the militarization of the Red Sea by the US, taking into account that the rise in tension threatens stability in the region and poses a danger to the world’s most important shipping lane.

In a statement to Al-Masirah, Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Al-Azzi stated that “the aggression war has not ended on Yemen, and the arrival of American forces at this sensitive time does not serve the region or peace,” emphasizing the necessity of complete avoidance of provocations for the safety of maritime navigation.

Abdulwahab Al-Durrah, the minister of transportation, concurred, stating that “the American forces came to the Red Sea after a phase of failure, considering that the efforts made through America’s tools in the region, represented by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, have reached a dead end.”

Meanwhile, Minister of Fisheries Wealth Mohammed Al-Zubairi stated, “When Saudi Arabia and the UAE were warned that we would use force, they brought America to the Red Sea to protect them from the Yemeni armed forces,” confirming that the American role is one that entails very significant risks as they primarily seek to control Yemen’s wealth and the Bab Al-Mandab Strait and reposition themselves in the world.

In turn, Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Qadri, the commander of the Coastal Defense Brigade, noted that the naval forces are keeping an eye on American activity in the Red Sea and that naval reconnaissance is present, reiterating his assurance that any provocations in Yemen’s territorial waters will be met with a strong naval and coastal defense force presence.

It is noteworthy that earlier this month, Deputy Foreign Minister Al-Azzi said that Yemen was at war with the US, and it is important that no one miscalculate. We’re keen to ensure the safety of Red Sea navigation, which is why we’re issuing this warning to the American side.

Meanwhile, the commander of the Coastal Defense Forces, Brigadier General Al-Qadri, confirmed that the coastal defense forces are prepared to react and dissuade American forces if they approach Yemeni territorial waters.

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