Tension in the Gulf of Aden as China summons its second fleet

On Wednesday, tension loomed over the Gulf of Aden of China’s decision to summon in fresh military reinforcements in reaction to Washington’s encouragement of India to establish a new economic route parallel to China’s “New Silk Road.”

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The Chinese Navy has deployed its 45th fleet in the Gulf of Aden, becoming the second fleet stationed in the region in recent years, according to the official Chinese news agency.

The new fleet includes a missile destroyer, a landing ship, and helicopters.

According to the agency, the new fleet would assist the 44th Fleet in its mission by escorting ships.

China’s move of its fleet into the Gulf coincided with Washington’s adoption of a new economic route project at the G20 Summit recently held in India that aims to link the East with the West, passing through Gulf countries and Israel.

The route linking India to Europe is parallel to the new Silk Road route, which China embraced in an effort to control the world’s maritime trade routes, allowing its products to be exported to the Western market through regional countries, most notably Yemen.

China’s military moves have increased tensions in the region, which Washington had already militarized and reinforced with about 3,000 soldiers. This is especially true given Washington’s attempt to capitalize on the conflict between Beijing and New Delhi, the two economically booming countries, and their ambitions to contend for the throne of the collapsing global economy amidst American hegemony.

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