In Numbers, Sana’a forces Reveal Military Achievements against the Saudi Coalition

The spokesman of the Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, revealed on Sunday that Sana’a forces had achieved “field achievements by carrying out dozens of qualitative and large-scale military operations,” in addition to the total operations of their missile forces and the air force.

in a press conference in Sana’a, Brigadier Saree, revealed the harvest of “eight years of steadfastness” and confrontation with the American, Saudi, and Emirati coalition forces.

He also, indicated that the number of airstrikes launched by the Saudi-led coalition through its American and British warplanes amounted to more than 274 thousand and 302 airstrikes, including 59 airstrikes during the last year of the war, indicating that these numbers are nothing but what the competent authorities in the armed forces were able to monitor, otherwise the number much larger.

He pointed out that these airstrikes led to killing and injury tens of thousands of Yemenis and the destruction of public and private objects, and also targeted the Yemeni armed forces by bombing, targeting their camps, facilities and bases.

Brigadier General Saree reported that the armed forces confronted a criminal coalition that was actually and practically led by the United States of America through the administration of the coalition operations rooms by American and British officers.

Moreover, the American took charge of identifying targets, managing espionage activity, monitoring through satellites, planes, logistical support, and training his tools to kill Yemenis. Specific centers and military bases were allocated for their mission only to train pilots to kill Yemenis.

Saree stated that the American took charge of determining the targets of the airstrikes, and for each raid the American stood behind it by setting the target, training the pilots, and supplying the planes with fuel until they reach the depth of the Yemeni cities to strike and target them, as well as maintaining and even escorting those planes to ensure that they achieve the goals.

He said, “The American also provided weapons, so American planes dropped American bombs on the Yemenis’ heads , their villages, cities, roads, mosques, and schools, in addition to other weapons in deals worth hundreds of billions of dollars.”

He added, “The Yemeni armed forces have monitored, during the past years, the level of participation of each country in the Saudi coalition, led by the United States of America and Britain, and the criminal executive role of the Saudi and Emirati regimes.”

He continued, “The Yemeni people will not forget, as our battle with the Saudi coalition has not ended yet, and our steadfastness has not and will not stop.”

 Sana’a forces called on all educational, media and cultural institutions to document all aggression’s crimes and the steadfastness of the Yemeni people in confronting it within the battle of freedom and independence.

Sana’a Forces Operations:

Brigadier General Saree explained that the Armed Forces have tended since the beginning of the war to confront it with the available capabilities, and have worked to build qualitative military capabilities that have proven their ability on the practical level during the past years.

During the battle to counter the coalition, the Sana’a forces carried out more than 13,229 military operations, including six thousand and 702 offensive operations, and six thousand and 527 response operations, thwarting offensive attempts and enemy advances.

With regard to the specific military operations, Brigadier Saree explained that the most prominent of them are the operations of “Victory from God” in its three phases, and a large-scale military operation that has not been announced yet.

In addition, to extensive military operations Al-Bayda, Al-Dhalea, Shabwa, and Marib, the operations of balance of deterrence, and nearly 10 military operations that were not announced, in addition to the three Yemen hurricane operations, operations to break the siege, and operations to prevent theft of wealth.

He pointed out that these operations led to the liberation of large areas and inflicted great losses on the enemy, in addition to their importance in terms of achieving deterrence and inflicting great losses on the countries of Saudi-led coalition.

He stated that the missile force carried out 1,828 military operations, including 1,237 operations targeting enemy gatherings, mobilizations, camps and headquarters inside the territory of Yemen, and 589 operations targeting the enemy outside the Yemeni geography, including operations targeting the depths of the Saudi and Emirati enemy.

He stressed that the missile force succeeded in having a qualitative presence in the battle for freedom, independence, and now this force possesses expertise and capabilities, which makes it more ready to ram more enemy bases and facilities in the occupied territories or outside it, and this force now possesses multiple and different missile systems, including ballistic and winged ones.

He pointed out that the armed forces continue to multiply the strategic stockpile of missiles as a deterrent force that has proven effective over the past years.

While the Air Force carried out 12 thousand and nine operations during the eight years, including three thousand and 264 offensive operations and eight thousand and 745 reconnaissance operations.

The offensive operations were distributed between two thousand and 267 internal operations and 997 external operations.

Brigadier Saree pointed out that the Air Force had a prominent and important role in the success of many specific operations, and this weapon constituted an important qualitative addition to the armed forces, as this weapon was established and developed under the war and was able to achieve qualitative leaps under the siege.

He said, “The presence of this weapon in the battle for liberation and independence drew the attention of foreign experts as well as the media, whether in terms of the accumulation of Yemeni experience or the level of accuracy and the size of effectiveness and influence.” I saluted, on behalf of the armed forces, everyone who contributed to achieving this qualitative achievement, everyone who stood and stands with the Yemeni people in his fateful battle.

Saree stated that the air defense operations amounted to 4,585 operations during the eight years, including 2,022 shooting down and injuring operations, and 2,565 response operations.

The Sana’a Forces spokesman revealed that the Air Defense Forces managed to shoot down 165 reconnaissance and military warplanes, including 13 warplanes, 10 Apaches, six Black Hawk helicopters, and 48 armed drones belonging to the US Air Force, as well as shooting down 123 spy reconnaissance warplanes.

Furthermore, he indicated that the air defense forces were destroyed and the task of rebuilding and developing them was a great challenge, but with the help of God Almighty, these forces passed more stages towards activation, development and enhancement of capabilities, which enabled them to achieve the goals.

With regard to the operations of the naval forces and coastal defense, Brigadier Saree explained that they carried out 38 qualitative operations during the eight years, the most prominent of which were the targeting of the “Al-Madina” frigate and the “Dammam” frigate of the Saudi enemy, the targeting of the warship “Swift” belonging to the Emirati enemy, and the seizure of the UAE military cargo ship “Rawabi” after entering Yemeni waters.

The spokesman confirmed that the total operations carried out by the ground units (military engineering, snipers, armor and artillery) amounted to 250,000 operations.

Since the sniper weapon entered the battle line, the total number of operations reached 71,128 operations, during which it managed to snipe 995 Saudi officers and soldiers, 1,023 Sudanese, 59,175 hypocrites and traitors, and 9,565 operations targeting enemy vehicles, armored vehicles, equipment, and weapons, as well as 147 targets. sniper, and eight enemy reconnaissance planes.

While sniper operations during the eighth year amounted to five thousand and 213 operations, of which three thousand and 374 operations were documented with audio and video.

The Sana’a Forces confirmed that the total operations of engineering units during eight years amounted to 52,175 operations, including 2,854 targeting enemy gatherings, and 24,907 offensive and defensive operations and targeting fortifications, while the operations of the engineering unit that targeted armored vehicles and enemy mechanisms amounted to more than four thousand and 414 operations.

The total number of anti-armor unit operations during the same period amounted to 7,942 operations, of which 3,082 operations targeted enemy fortifications, gatherings, barracks, and 4,860 operations targeted vehicles and armored vehicles.

Brigadier Saree stated that the total operations carried out by the artillery unit amounted to 85,634 operations, including 1,150 joint operations with drones, 15,269 operations with the Zelzal 1 missile, which resulted in the burning, damage and destruction of more than 1,78 vehicles, armored vehicles, tanks, cannons, missile launchers and weapons stores.

Coalition Casualties:

The Armed Forces spokesman confirmed that the losses of the Saudi army during the past eight years are more than ten thousand and 840 killing and injured.

Indicating that the Saudi enemy is concealing the human losses in its ranks and is trying to implement strict measures against anyone who talks about these losses or reveals them through the media.

He said, “During eight years of war, the Saudi army has achieved the largest share of human losses, and today we announce the killing of 36 and the injured of 45 between an officer and a soldier during the eighth year of war.”

He indicated that the losses of the Emirati enemy, which also conceals these losses, amounted to more out of 1,251 killings and injured, including officers with higher military ranks.

Brigadier Saree pointed out that the losses of the Sudanese army mercenaries are more than nine thousand and 545killing and injured, and the last losses of the Sudanese mercenary army in Yemen were more than 40 killing and 65 injured during the eighth year.

He added, “Traitors and Yemeni mercenary agents who sold themselves, their country, and their people and abandoned everything, got the largest share of human losses. Unfortunately, the losses that were monitored among the agents amounted to more than 261,243 between killing and injured, and in the eighth year it exceeded the death toll includes 2,500 killing and more than 5,000 and 50 injured.

He addressed the Saudi-sponsored forces by saying, “The continuation of the battle means the continuation of losses in your ranks, “mercenaries”. The Saudis and Emiratis do not care about your fate and do not give any consideration to your lives. You are the ones who sold yourselves to the foreigner and abandoned the values and principles, so return to yourselves and be with your country.”

Brigadier Saree mentioned that the armed forces succeeded in destroying, damaging and burning more than 18,397 vehicles, armored vehicles, personnel carriers, tanks, vehicles, bulldozers and various weapons, including more than 10,618 documented in video and audio, during the eighth year, indicating that during the eighth year, more than A thousand armored vehicles and military equipment, including eight tanks, and eight weapons depots were burned.

He explained that the Yemeni desert, valleys, and coasts turned into incinerators for American, British, and French armored vehicles, tanks, and mechanisms, and there are other losses incurred by the Saudi enemy, as well as the enemy in the Emirates, as a result of the operations of the missile force and the air force.

He pointed out, “The armed forces affirm that the continuation of the war and the blockade means that the coalition countries and their followers will continue to suffer more losses at all levels.

The continuation of the battle will only lead to further escalation within our legitimate options to defend our country and our people.”

The spokesman called on the puppet regimes that launched the war against Yemen to absorb the lessons from what happened during the past eight years. He said, “Yemen today has become more powerful with the help of God Almighty.”

He reaffirmed that the Yemeni people have secured armed forces that possess will, determination, trust in God, which makes them able to deter the aggressors, and that the armed forces have achieved achievements that the aggressors did not imagine when they launched the aggression.

Brigadier General Saree pointed out that the Armed Forces, along with all the free sons of the free and independent Yemen, made more sacrifices for the sake of God and in defense of the country and the people in a glorious, historical sacrifice that may not be repeated and will be written in the brightest pages of contemporary history.

And he added, “The armed forces salute all the free sons of our honorable country and our dear people who rose to defend it and confront the foreign invaders, and at the head of those who rose up, defended, sacrificed, bravely and steadfastly, the sons of the proud tribes, salutations to all the tribes, their free sheikhs and their honorable sons, salutations to the sons of Yemen in every city and village, salutations to the steadfast the patient fighters on every front and field.

Brigadier General Saree also affirmed that the heroes of the armed forces continue to confront Saudi coalition, defend the country and carry out their responsibilities towards the Yemeni people, and continue to carry out their duties until Yemen achieves full independence with the departure of foreign invaders and the purification of Yemeni land from the filth of the new occupiers and their lackeys.

He considered the confrontation of the armed forces against the invaders, occupiers, their lackeys of traitors and agents as one of the most honorable and sacred battles ever, considering that confronting the foreign occupation forces and confronting them is a duty that falls on the shoulders of all free Yemenis.

He said, “The armed forces are proud and honored to be at the forefront of this battle, along with all the free people of Yemen, who are looking forward with faith to liberating the whole country and achieving its independence, with full confidence in God’s help and victory.”

The Sana’a forces renewed their pledge to the people that they will remain faithful to their tasks, duties and responsibilities, foremost of which is the battle of liberation and independence.

Brigadier Saree added, “we say to the leader of the revolution that your people, with whom you were and were with you in the darkest circumstances and in the most difficult times, are today more willful and stronger in determination to complete the battle until its end. Why not? During the past eight years, this people witnessed the manifestations of victory, support and support from God Almighty, so praise be to Him.” God for all the steadfastness achieved during it.

He pointed out that the armed forces confirm that every foreign military presence inside Yemeni territory is a legitimate goal for the armed forces and for all the free Yemeni people, who have proven with their different generations throughout history that the Yemeni land is nothing but a graveyard for the invaders, and they only have to leave. Yemen does not and will not accept that forces remain on its land. alien under any pretext.

He stressed that the armed forces are ready implement any directives to deal appropriately with every foreign military presence on Yemeni territory, as well as their readiness to deal firmly with any developments in light of the continuation of the aggression, siege and their full readiness to thwart any hostile moves against the Saudi coalition and its followers of traitors and agents, including the legitimate response to any transgressions or breaches on the fronts that witnessed a decrease in escalation during the last period.

He continued, “The armed forces will continue to develop their military capabilities and double their combat experience, drawing help from God Almighty and benefiting from the great support given by the leadership as well as the popular rally around the military establishment.”

Saree concluded the press conference by saying, “The Armed Forces will continue to monitor and track all attempts to plunder the national wealth and deal appropriately with those attempts within its duties and responsibilities towards all Yemenis in all regions.”

Resource: SABA

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