Storm 3: Documents about a Saudi operation to bury radioactive materials in Yemen

An operation called “Storm 3” to bury radioactive chemical materials along the coast of Yemen has been exposed in official Saudi documents.

Follow-up / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In a series of leaked documents from official Saudi agencies that activist Hamoud Abu Masmar published, it was revealed that the Saudi intelligence apparatus had given directives to prepare a force for burying radioactive materials outside Saudi Arabia’s territorial waters.

The assignment, which was carried out on November 25 of last year, was assigned to three senior officers and 88 others from the special unit affiliated with the intelligence agency.

The radioactive materials were buried by this force along the Yemeni coast, according to activist Abu Masmar.

The operation was named “Storm 3” due to its connection to the war on Yemen, which was initially named “Decisive Storm” and “Hope Storm”.

Sana’a previously issued a warning about the perils of Saudi Arabia’s burying of radioactive materials on the Yemeni coast, which has harmed marine life and poses a serious threat to the ecosystem.

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